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Contact: Lanardo Myrick

Phone: (516) 362-1957


11 A.M. CST, APRIL 4, 2014

Over The Wall Films Forms LLC

Kansas City, MO, APRIL 4, 2014  Over The Wall Films LLC formed in Kansas City, MO is requesting funding and pre-production personnel for the feature Godly Ways by Lanardo Myrick. Film has no major investors and will entertain offers. Lanardo Myrick is the only listed member of ownership of project. Lanardo Myrick is listed as writer. The LLC’s office is listed in Kansas City, Missouri and requests investor(s)and all interested parties to submit information and proposals accordingly.

Godly Ways slated as first release and first script to be produced. Prior casting, production and post-production information is listed and updated on website, http://www.overthewallfilms.webs.com/. For more information, contact, Lanardo Myrick at (516) 362-1957 or email [email protected] or mail 1846 E. 68TH TERRACE Kansas City MO 64130



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